sculpture / installation

Die wackelige Wolkenstadt – the cloud pod

A participation project with kids, designing and developing  a ‘chill out’ object, realised in partnership with Ben Tindale, managed by bwgt e.V., financed by the youth council Marzahn/Hellerdorf and the city of Berlin.  Currently installed at the Internationale Garten Ausstellung (IGA), Berlin. 



Undercurrents |  ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery | Canberra | 2014

Undercurrents was inspired by the hypnotizing patterns on the crystal clear water of the Deua river. The work constructs the unlikely encounter of the sublime within the domestic setting of an ordinary laundry sink. A few moments contained within the reflective familiarity of a mundane object. Two random everyday realities that contain water as their elemental thread. The Deua river flowing through daily life.


Orbital |  Belconnen Arts Centre | Canberra | 2013

The underlying patterns of the material and emotional fabric we weave through become recurring themes in my work. I am searching for the nexus between scientific research and the sensation of wonder to create meeting places between the cerebral and sentimental. The work Orbital is drawing on the cyclical pattern of a scale far beyond everyday contemplation, one that is affecting life on very elemental levels. The sacred nature and quiet celebration of the moon’s cyclical patterns and gravitational impact on the matter of the world around us becomes a central phenomenon of this work.

(ideally watched on a large screen/ fullscreen with a soundsystem that can accomodate lots of bass. turn up the sound for a visceral experience!)


Zephyr | M16 Artspace | Canberra | 2013

Zephyr is an installation closely related to the exhibition’s title – Material translations. A modified desk fan, fitted with a slowly rotating motor faces a large screen. A looped video reveals the undulating movement of wind caressing a hillside of flowering grasses, time slows down, movements unfold slowly, seemingly conducted by the fan’s considered rotations.


Stillicide | M16 Artspace| Canberra |2013

The works for Material Translations draw on observations such the details and patterns underlying the fabric of our perceived tangible and emotional world, combining different media and objects, instilling them with a drop of poetry and a zephyr of humour.

Solei revisited

Solei revisited | ANCA gallery | Canberra |2011

Solei revisited started with a momentary observation captured on video in 2008, a chance encounter between the sun, a chair leg and myself…

 Just Passing through…

just passing through…  | Belconnen Arts Centre | Canberra | 2010

just passing through…  are sculptural works borne from a desire to engage with the landscape, both constructed and natural. They are observations of the space we travel through – its shape, history and subtle change. An engagement that has been taking place for a seemingly endless time leaving invisible and discernible traces to lead us along our journey…

The Fall and Rise

The fall and rise | ANCA gallery | Canberra |2010

Perceptions between Sound and Vision

Graduation work | ANU School of Art gallery| Canberra |2009

Sound ‐ a primarily invisible phenomenon accompanies our daily lives.
How sound can be engaged in order to guide perception, especially within a sculptural context, lies at the heart of my research. By exploring different properties of sound to initiate a dialogue between materiality and meaning, I have been developing objects that engage a sense of anticipation.


Princess & Henry  
REFLEX: A show of mechanical poetry | M16 Artspace | Canberra |2009
REFLEX 2: A show of mechanical poetry | Gaffa Gallery | Sydney | 2010
An award winning exhibition featuring: Geoffrey Farquhar-Still, Ella Barclay, Chloe Bussenschutt, Sarah Firth, Nicci Haynes, Daniel Lorrimer, Marina Neilson, Sean O’Connell, Heike Qualitz, Matthew Smith & Alan Rose. Reflex 2: A Show of Mechanical Poetry, an interactive exhibition of mechanical oddities displayed in an “absurd, delightful and slightly sinister manner” A quirky mix of Jules Verne-meets-Myth Busters, Reflex is an exhibition that actively explores both modern science and and mechanical poetry.
Bringing together 11 artists and machine makers from around Australia, Reflex is an opportunity to engage with the poetic possibilities of machines and their hand cranked, 12-volt, gravity-activated personalities. Some machines spin at the turn of a handle or the flick of a switch, revealing their nature with a cacophony of sound and movement. Others will rise and fall gently only to rise once more while others will crash, springing back to life at the flick of a switch.
“To look with the eyes is one thing, to feel with the hands, another thing entirely. Objects have form, color and scale but they also have weight, resistance and sound. The point of the exhibition is to bring together artists to create machines which serve no purpose other than to bend the mind into new shapes and to walk away filled with wonder at their brilliance,” says Farquhar-Still.